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Everything you need to know about FUE Hair Transplant

Everything you need to know about FUE Hair Transplant

Thanks to the technology, you can now have natural looking hair with a simple hair transplant treatment available in the market. The re-plantation method has dramatically evolved over the last few years. However, many people still are in a predicament whether they would get full coverage once they are done with the transplant or whether they can slide fingers through hair again confidently and many more.

So today we decided to address the widely-used technique – Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). It is popular and with the advent of it, hair transplant treatment has never been the same.

First things first, the FUE is a surgical technique that gets rid of individual hair (technically, ‘follicular units’) This methodology goes like removing “one at a time” from the posterior donor harvesting site. It is negligibly an invasive procedure that incorporates using small circular pinches to remove the follicular units from the scalp.vfx course Later the implantation of follicular units would be done to the scalp in the balding recipient areas.

Since this procedure is more like a once-in-lifetime thing for many common people, FUE Hair transplant or any kind of hair transplantation is permanent. So ensure your practitioner or surgeon is adept in this since hair cannot be created but it has to be transplanted from other parts of the scalp where the volume of your hair is high and place it in the area that needs to be covered.

How much hair can anyone expect to be harvested?

Well, strictly speaking, it depends on the area that has to be covered. But if you have an extensive baldness in large portions, it is unrealistic to expect 100% result from a transplant.

Why you can opt for FUE Hair Transplant:

  • Absence of Scars: One of the main why people prefer FUE over strip harvesting since it does not leave any scar. FUE treatment goes like making small punches on the back of your head and those punches leave those small scars on your head. It is the perfect treatment for people who like better to wear their hair short at the back ensuring the donor area is unaffected.

  • Minimal Pain: As small punches have been made into your skin, it is usual to have pain. But for patient comfort, surgeons give some local anesthesia almost identical like the one used in dental practices.

  • Heals fast: Besides the less pain, it takes less time to heal from the scars. Check with your hair transplant doctor about the method and tools he/she is going to use; because this method works in absence of all scalpels and sutures. Hardly, it takes 7-10 days to get recovered fully.

  • Natural-looking hairline: This advanced and rewarding method produces perfectly natural results and as a matter of fact, it becomes hard to distinguish from the native hair. The transplanted hair blends in with the neighbouring scalp clearly. So you can relish a natural-looking hair you can just flaunt like your friends.

We wish you the best for your FUE hair transplant and let us know in the comment section for further guidelines or concerns.

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Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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