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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Hair Transplantation?

Rearrangement and Redistribution of existing Live Hair Roots from Donor Area to Recipient (Bald) Area is called Hair Transplantation. It is a simple, superficial Procedure in which hair from the Donor Area is excised , slivered , dissected and implanted on to the Recipient ( Bald) Area under strict aseptic conditions.

Are there any side effects with HT? Is it painful?

“Absolutely no major side effects are recorded so far. Its a superficial procedure which extends up to 3 to 4 mm depth of scalp (depending on the length of grafts).
At the time of Anastasia, Very minimal appreciation of pain may be experienced up to 30 to 40 seconds only. We use very fine needles (insulin syringes) with cold compresses and vibration techniques to minimize it further.”

Does it really work?

“Yes, the latest advancements in the field of hair transplantation made it a gold standard in the field of Hair Restoration. The salient features of hair transplantation are:
1. Transplanted hair remains for life.
2. No maintenance therapy required for transplanted hair to grow.
3. The restored hair looks natural both in orientation and density giving a completely undetectable transplant in the hands of an able surgeon.”

How long it will take for surgery?

“The duration of the procedure depends upon certain factors like…
No. of grafts to be implanted
Nature of the scalp.
Procedure involved (FUT/FUE)
Usually the surgery takes approximately 4-6 hrs.”

What are the precautions to be taken before surgery?

Even though it is a simple and superficial procedure, there are certain precautions which need to be taken for achieving better outcome. These precautions will be explained by the doctor and the counseling staff well before your date of surgery.

When can we expect growth of the hair?

Thin filamentous hair growth can be seen by 4-6 months. But you have to wait for at least 8-18 months to see an appreciable growth. At the same time, it varies from patient to patient.

Can we cut or shave the hair after growth?

The transplanted hair grows continuously for rest of the life. It can be cut, trim and even dye it . It will regrow after complete tonsuring.

What are FUT & FUE Methods?

“FUT also known as STRIP METHOD is the most popular and successfully practiced method throughout the world by most of the hair transplant surgeons. In this method, we remove a strip of scalp from the donor area which is slivered and dissected into individual ultra fine follicular units. These ultra fine follicular units are then transplanted on to the bald area (recipient area) making micro-incisions using micro needles.
FUE is a technique practiced by few surgeons only because of its limitations. In this method, we extract individual follicular units with specially designed instruments and re-implant them into recipient (Bald) area.”

Which Techniques do you follow for implantation?

We perform LATERAL SLIT TECHNIQUE by making micro incisions in the Bald area using micro needles with sizes ranging from 0.7 to 1.2 mm depending on the size of the graft. We also use STICK and PLACE method.FUE is a technique practiced by few surgeons only because of its limitations. In this method, we extract individual follicular units with specially designed instruments and re-implant them into recipient (Bald) area.”

What are the equipments you are using?

“Various state-of-art equipment’s are used in our clinic in harvesting ultra refined follicular units or grafts from the donor area

Mantis microscope (UK) For slivering the strip
Stereo & Digital Video microscopes For dissecting into ultra fine follicular units.
SAFE SCRIBE Specialized and latest machine used for extracting the grafts in FUE technique.”

What are the benefits of latest technology?

The field of hair transplantation like any other fields has witnessed revolutionary advancements. The primary aim of a competent hair transplant surgeon is to achieve optimum result with natural looking, almost undetectable transplant with artistic hairline.


“A narrow strip of the hair bearing donor area from the permanent hair zone while carrying out FUT method. The edges of the excised area would be closed immediately, which leaves a permanent scar. Generally, this kind of scar, does not exhibit hair growth. Donor area is then closed by approximating two ends using a separate technique called TRICHOPHYTIC CLOSURE.
This technique results in the minimization of the scar at the donor site and even facilitates the growth of hair through the scar.”

How long we have to continue the medicine after the surgery?

Simple antibiotics and analgesics need to be used for 7-10 days for suture healing.

Do we require any medicine for the existing hair?

“The people with partial baldness and young age needs medical support for maintain the existing hair. For the total bald area we advice Hair Transplantation.

We advice two US FDA medications

1. Tab. Finasteride 1 mg one per day
2. Minoxidil Lotion 5% for the existing hair.”

What causes MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss)?

“The cause of Male Pattern Baldness is mostly GENETIC in nature. Either maternal / paternal or both can influence the character of baldness. In genetically prone people, the hormone DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) plays a major role in establishing baldness with progression of time.

Some aggravating factors like FEVER surgeries, medication , external hair treatment also also promote pattern baldness”

What causes Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Baldness typical as Male Pattern Baldness is rare in women. Many external factors like HYPO THYROIDISM, PCOD, ANEMIA, CRASH DIETING, FEVERS, POST PARTUM PERIOD, STRESS, LACK OF NUTRITION MENOPAUSE and DRUGS play a major role in hair loss and some times may lead to baldness.

Who are eligible candidates to undergo hair transplantation?

A person must have realistic expectations (acquire knowledge about HT through websites and personal consultations) regarding their out come. They must have sufficient donor area and must be medically fit to undergo the procedure. The finally suitable call for the Hair Transplantation will be determined by doctor.

When can I go back to work?

As it is a day care procedure, no hospitalization is required. Immediately you can attend any indoor office work (software) normally. Usually, from 2nd day on wards you can go back to your office.

Are there any medical contraindications for HT?

“Even diabetics and hypertensives can safely undergo this procedure provided the conditions are under control.

Those who have abnormal bleeding tendencies, with prosthetic heart valves (post cardiac surgeries) are not suggested for HT.People suffering with debilitating condition like kidney or liver failure or malignancy are not suitable for HT.”

In which cases FUE better than FUT method?
  • Anybody can choose FUE over FUT as it depends purely on their individual preference and doctor’s advice.
  • For eyebrow, mustache and beard transplantation’s,
  • Fronto temporal hairline corrections,
  • Post injury scar corrections, and
  • For wide donor area scar correction we prefer FUE.
  • Post Strip method cases generally suffer with tight scalps in these cases FUE is the best choice.
  • Who has a tight donor area (no laxity) and
  • Those who do not want a semi circular scar on the back.
  • Those who want to maintain their hair very short.”
Our Centres

Well equipped with all the latest medical and surgical equipment and backed by highly qualified team of hair transplant assistants. We carry out extremely successful hair transplantations. We take immense pride in our ability to ensure high quality clinical care at all levels of treatment. Our team of doctors are internationally highly certified and qualified in the field of hair restoration. They are competent and well versed with all types of medical treatments which are scientifically approved with FDA. They are highly skilled in performing all the latest techniques of hair restoration.

What is the difference between Hair & Follicular Unit / graft?

The hair is a non living external growth arising out of the skin surface from a live root in the dermis of scalp/ skin. This is also called as shaft. Each hair contains one live root only.
A Follicular unit or graft contains group (1-5) of such hairs. They arise as a single unit from the scalp. In a hair transplant procedure, these follicular units are extracted individually and implanted on to the bald area.”

What should be the minimum time gap between individual sittings?

It depends upon the method of procedure you choose.

1. In FUT [Strip method], if the patient requires a second session, he / she needs to wait for at least 4-5 months after the first session.
2. In FUE method, no fixed time interval is required. It may vary from few days to few weeks. You can go for regular smaller sessions of 500-1000 grafts [lunch hour session] or a single large session of 2000-3000 grafts in a day”

What is the life of transplanted Hair?

The span of transplanted hair depends upon the life of donor hair. As it is extracted from the permanent zone of the donor area. It’s growth life time with cyclical fall and regrowth.

Will transplanted hair ever fall out?

The transplanted hair also follows the normal GROWTH CYCLE.. For every 2-6 years this hair temporarily falls spontaneous regrowth occurs after 3-4 months.
And initially after transplantation [between 6-8 wks] you may experience a temporary loss of approx .30% of the transplanted hair shafts. But the roots remain live and start growing from 3 rd month on wards”

Will my new hair look natural?

YES, As the transplanted hair is extracted from your [body] scalp.
Due to the latest techniques in the field of transplantation URFUG, Mega sessions and Dense packing. we create MATURE HAIRLINES which simulate almost natural and Undetectable look.”

What is the maximum number of hair grafts that you can transplant in a single session?

We can implant 4500-5500 grafts in a single session (Giga session). But it depends upon lot of factors like

1. DENSITY of donor area.
2. LAXITY of donor area.
3. WIDTH of the permanent zone.

4.Even we can go for body hair

For max. yield we can combine both FUE and FUT in a single session.”

Why does the new hair have to fall out?

It is common for the newly implanted hairs to fall out during the healing process.Because they are in different stages of growth cycle

But this fall is transient and partial (30-40%) only.
This process is completely normal and you should not worry as the dermal papilla of the hair root is firmly implanted in your scalp and will re-grow again.”

Is there any age limit for HT?

“Usually we prefer age limit of >20 years [some consider 25 yrs].No limit for upper age. But the patient should be fit to undergo the procedure.

For younger age people proper counseling is necessary regarding the natural progression of baldness. They always must have realistic expectations.”

Can Diabetics and Hypertensives undergo the HT procedure?

“Diabetics can undergo Hair Transplantation provided the diabetes is under control.
Hypertensives can also undergo HT who are in good control but these people need physician advice for fitness to proceed.”

What are the advanced techniques in H.T.?

“The Advanced techniques in the Hair Transplantation are

Ultra refined follicular unit grafting
Dense packing (35 to 45% of filling per sq.cm.)[normal density is app. 100 grafts/sq.cm.]
Super mega sessions / Giga sessions (> than 4000 grafts in 5-6 hours)
Trichophytic Closure.
FUE f) Body hair transplantation
Facial hair Transplantation ( EyeBrow, mustache, beard Hair transplantation )”

What are the latest methods in Hair Transplantation?

“Latest method of graft extraction in Hair Transplantation is F U E (FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION), or D H T (DIRECT HAIR TRANSPLANTATION),Body hair transplantation g) Facial hair Transplantation ( Eye Brow, mustache, beard Hair transplantation ).

Combined FUT and FUE techniques in 1 session is our centre unique speciality.”

Does transplanted hair grow in burn scar?

Transplanted hair grows in burn scar. But the relative density (35 to 40%) is achieved in two sessions due to fibrosis of scar tissue.

What is PRP?

It is Plate rich plasma.It is prepared from ones own blood.[Autologous]which contains platelets as growth factors and cytokines which promotes the quality of Hair line.

What is the role of P R P ?

Autologus Platelet Rich Plasma has the ability to promote wound healing and increase hair density after Hair Transplantation [ Few Studies support this].

What medications do I need to avoid before surgery?

“Avoid Aspirin and other anti inflammatory drugs 7-14 days before the procedure. Many prescription and non-prescription medications, over the counter products [Ayurvedic and homeopathy] should be avoided.

Always inform using any medication and health status to the doctor.
Avoid Anti depressants [tricycle anti depressants],blood thinners[heparin, coumarins etc]Beta blockers and MAO inhibitors 10-14 days before the procedure. Always inform regarding any medication to the doctor.”

Do I need to mention my medical condition?

Yes, It’s a must to inform each and every detailed to regarding any medical suggestion to doctor. Like Hypertension, Heart compliant, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Allergy, Hepatitis, and other liver problems always inform well before the procedure.

What is the care to be taken before coming to the surgery?

“1day before the procedure and on the same day before coming to transplant a through head wash with anti dandruff shampoo must [Beta dine-AD and or candid TV shampoo ] must be done.

Do not put any gels or styling agents over the scalp and at the same time avoid wearing hairpiece and wigs on that day before the procedure.

Always bring your medical reports, wear open shirt and T-shirt must be avoided and have a regular simple breakfast.”

Any particular type of food to be avoided before the procedure?

Avoid spicy diet and coffee and tea for the day. You can have your simple breakfast for the morning session and can have light lunch for the afternoon session.

Can I smoke?

Avoid smoking as early as one week before the procedure and 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Nicotine is not good for hair also. (Causes vasoconstriction)

For how long I have to avoid alcohol?

Avoid consuming alcohol at least one week before and 3-4 weeks after the procedure.

Can I use my regular Vitamin tablets or Herbal products?

No, stop all vitamin tablets and herbal products minimum of 1 week before the procedure.

Can I shave my head before the surgery?

“No, you can keep it long as it will help cover the donor area after the Strip removal.

For FUE also in limited graft extraction case it will help to camouflage the donor area.”

Can I drive on that day?

No, you may feel drowsy for sometime on that day due to Anesthesia, so always bring someone for help on the day of procedure.

What are the things to be taken care before coming to the hospital?

“Bring your consultation sheet (prescription) along with blood test reports which we have advised you to be done before the procedure.
Take your medication like anti hypertensive and oral hypoglycemic before the surgery as per doctor’s advice. (If you are hypertensive or diabetic)

Avoid wearing T-shirt on that day wear open button shirt.
Please do not bring any valuables to the office on that day.
Always bring an attendent with you on day of procedure.”

When should I arrive and leave?

“If you are out of station always try to reach 1 day prior to the procedure.

If you are local reach the clinic at least 1hr before the scheduled time so that everything will go on time.

Every patient must come for one post operative head wash in our clinic within 24 hrs of the procedure.”

When should I come for next visit?

Within 24 hrs you must come to the clinic for first head wash. Next visit depends on donor area suture line closure. (If non-absorbable stitches are there, they have to be removed after one week.)

Can I take regular head wash at home?

“Yes, you must take regular head wash with Johnson’s baby shampoo and sterile water. The shampoo must be mixed with water [dilution]. Sterile water can be prepared at home by boiling of the water for half an hour. Later allow it to come to normal temperature for usage.
First gently tap the transplanted area with the diluted shampoo water later use the boiled cold water for cleaning with tapping only. Always tap with palm of your hand while cleaning. Do not do through and fro movement over the transplanted area as it cause loss of grafts.
(If boiling and cooling of water is not possible in your circumstances you can use mineral water also)”

Can I do my regular GYM?

No, avoid Gym for 3-4 wks ,as the exercises cause vasodilatation which is not desirable at this time. If they are particular then go for slight walk from 3rd week onwards.

Can I wear my helmet while going to office?

“Yes ,you can wear it but as it is not sterile always cover the transplanted area with washed cotton hand kerchief which you can change everyday.
You can also put a loose baseball cap over the hand kerchief while going outside till 1 month. We have to avoid exposure to rain water, dust and sunlight to transplanted area till 1 month.”

Should I follow any special diet restrictions?

No need. You can have whatever food you from 2nd day on wards .It must include good protein.

How long I should avoid work?

No need. You can have whatever food you want from the 2nd day onwards. It must include good protein

Usually I go out of station for job can it be manageable?

Yes, you can travel from next day onwards. Only take care regarding head wash [use mineral water ] and cover the transplanted area properly during the transit time.

After how many days of the procedure it is safe to use my wig?

Wait for minimum of 2 weeks after the procedure to wear wig or hair piece.

While healing what are the changes I can expect in transplanted area?

“Initially mild redness and erythema for 2-3 days will be seen. Later scabbing will be seen by 7 days ,after 3-4 weeks they slowly fall away. Do not attempt to remove them with force as it may cause loss of graft.
After 1 week sometimes mild itching will occur it may be due to healing process and dryness of the area. Nothing to worry put coconut oil over the transplanted area at night time.
3-4 weeks after the procedure the transplanted hair will fall temporarily ,later the growth will be started from the roots only.”

When can I start my hair loss medication? (Finapecia tablets and Minoxidil lotion)

You can start the medication from 7th to 10th day after the procedure

Regarding transplanted area how long I has to take medication?

Regarding transplantation you can take the medication for 7-10 days only which we will provide you.

After how long I can expect growth?

“It will take 6-8 months for optimum growth. Total growth period will extend up to 18 months.
This is the hardest point regarding transplantation ,but once growth occur you can maintain the hair normally as it does not need any special medication or oils or shampoo’s. It will automatically grow even if you cut it, tonsure it or trim it.

Regarding any further clarification always consult your doctors.”