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Hair loss in Women

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FPHL (Female Pattern Hair Loss)

 Female pattern baldness and Hair loss in female occurs quite often. It can affect over one in four women when compared to men. Its also one of the most discussed and searched topic. Many women experience general thinning while others have a pattern of temple recessions. A detailed education about the causes of Hair fall in women is important to understand. Reason can range from a simple to temporary or more complex cases. They are proven medical methods and hair transplant surgery for women to fight with hair loss.

Causes of hair fall in women:

  1. Post partum period [after child birth]
  2. After discontinuing of OC pills
  3. Post-febrile period [3 months after fever episode]
  4. Crash diets
  5. Psychological stress [loss of dear ones]
  6. Anemia [most common cause in India]
  7. Certain drugs [anti metabolites]
  8. Dermatologic diseases.[Alopeciaareata]
  9. Trichotillomania [self induced plucking of hair]
  10. Hormonal disturbances. [Thyroid problems like hypothyroidism and Pcod etc..]
  11. Vitamin deficiencies like VIT D and VIT12 etc..
  12. Hyper vitaminosis of VIT A

When & why do women lose the hair?

Diffuse hair loss on the scalp occurs due to many causes in women like due to Telogen effluvium, Anagen effluvium, Hypothyroidism, Iron deficiency anemia, debilitating disease, serious emotional stress and may be due to certain drugs.

In women, there are two natural stages of increased hair loss seen. They are around 30 to 35 years age and post menopausal age. In this post menopausal stage there is a gradual thinning of individual hair strands is seen due to lack of estrogen.

Telogen effluvium-women are more prone for this type of hair fall. This type of loss follows after acute or chronic illness, sudden hormonal change, crash diets, deficiency of proteins and vitamins along with Iron and certain drugs like anti epileptics,[sodium valproate] beta blockers,anticoagulants,lithium and oral retinoids.

Fevers and Post surgical periods :

After 2-3 months of the episode heavy hair fall is noticed in most of the people. Generally the recovery starts from 5-6 months. Of course good nutrition and adequate rest are important along with proper medication.

Anagen effluvium- This occurs due to anti-metabolite drugs(chemotheraphy drugs) used to treat some cancers. Sudden complete loss of scalp hair occurs with total regrowth of the same after discontinuation of the medication. These chemotheraphy drugs acts on the Mitotic cell division.

A proper Diagnosis can be done with doctor’s examination only for the hair loss.

Stress and Nervous Disorders:

  • The stress triggers a large number of hair follicles to enter the resting stage, so a few months after the stressful event; those follicles shed hair at about the same time.
  • Sometimes self-induced hair plucking problem is noticed due to extreme stress. With proper psychological counseling and medication re growth occurs. This condition is called TRICHOTILLOMANIA. Mostly young women suffer with this problem.

Dermatologic Diseases:

Sometimes due to skin diseases permanent hair root destruction occurs with no regrowth on medication. These are called Cicatricial alopecia or scarring alopecia.

Example: Pseudo pelade, lichenplanus, lichenplanopilaris.etc..

Sometimes reversible hair loss occurs. Spontaneous or with medication hair will re grow. These are called Non-cicatricial or Non-scarring alopecia.

Example: Androgenic alopecia, Alopecia areata, Tinea etc. 

Crash diets :

Some times people go for extreme weight loss in short time periods. These conditions leads to gross thinning and diffuse loss of hair over the total scalp. In these conditions total recovery is impossible even with proper diet and medication.

FPHL – Female Pattern baldness starts with thinning of the frontal tuft region then expanding to vertex. In most of the cases frontal hairline retains due to the Aromataze enzyme protection. This is the most widespread type of hair thinning and hair loss in females these days.

Female pattern baldness can be defined as a multifactorial and some genetically determined characteristic, which is controlled by Androgen dependent and Androgen independent mechanisms.

Women’s hair thinning and loss can be multifactorial unlike males, which is mostly genetic.

Broad foreheads, Congenitally high hairlines in women can be rectified with newly created hair lines through hair transplantation.

In many, female hair loss is troublesome and should be addressed by a doctor, Schedule a Appointment to discuss your best Hair loss treatment for women offered by us.

Let us know more about Ludwig Classification:

The Ludwig classification for female pattern baldness has 3 stages. This scale helps doctors as well as patients to better understand the diagnosis of female baldness/hair loss:

These classifications include Type I, Type II, and Type III grades.

Type I: In this stage, hair loss may occur on the top and front of the scalp and hair loss is considered to be mild. It can be noticed when the hair is parted down the center of the scalp.


Type II: It is considered moderate. Women may notice shedding, thinning, a general decrease in volume and a center part to lessen over time.


Type III: This stage is the final and most intense stage of female hair loss. Hair becomes thin and has trouble in camouflaging the scalp, rendering it visible to the people. This may be deteriorated by a number of factors such as hair miniaturization, progressive thinning, and broad loss.

Sometimes the hair fall in women occurs in a ‘Christmas Tree’ pattern.[savin scale]

hair loss treatment for women

But sometimes-female pattern baldness is typical male pattern starts with recession of both temporal regions and progressing to vertex thinning. While retaining their frontal hair. An enzyme called Aromatase, which will be rich in the frontal helps to maintain the hairline.

 Confused about the Hair Loss??? Looking for solution contact us and get assistance on your hair fall with Dr Krishna Priya.

Treatment available for female pattern baldness

There are a host of hair fall treatment for women in practice. The following are the main among them:


Androgen receptors blockers for women

These are for AGA in women. It competes with DHT or Testosterone for the specific AR [androgen receptor] by inhibiting the androgen mediated process.

These are contraindicated in men.

Cyproterone acetate

It acts by blocking the binding of DHT to receptors. It can be combined with ethinyl estradiol for treating severe acne and hirsuitism. The dose generally to prevent hair loss is 2mg but upto 50 mg can be used per day. The hair loss prevention and increased hair thickness occurs by 1 year.

Side effects- weight gain, breast tenderness, depression etc


It is a Aldosterone antagonist and weak anti androgen. Generally used to treat hypertension.

It blocks AR and also inhibits the production of androgens from Adrenals. It only stops the further progression of hair loss, no regrowth seen.

Cimetidine Generally used to treat gastric acidity. It also prevents the binding of DHT to receptor.

Anti androgens – Ketoconazole is an anti androgen that can be safely used in both men and women. It is an anti fungal, antibiotic. It can be applied topically to the scalp. It does not show systemic effects.It prevents hair loss and dandruff also.

Minoxidil (For Women)

Minoxidil lotion-It is the first FDA approved topical lotion for hair regrowth. 2% lotion is initially approved for women but 5 % lotion also can be tried with excellent result.

It is a piperidinopyramidine derivative, which is a potassium channelopener and vasodilator and initially used as anti hypertensive agent.

This is a non specific biologic response modifier with an unknown mechanism of action.


  • It converts intermediate follicles to Terminal hair.
  • It halts the fall of miniaturized hairs by prolonging the life cycle.
  • It stimulates the dormant hair follicles to regrowth.
  • It should be continued for minimum of 6-8 months to notice the results. By the end of 3 months the hair fall will be arrested. In first 4-8 weeks fall of vellous hair is noticed. To prevent the existing hair from further damage the lotion must be continued longer time

Side effect

No significant side effects noticed except skin irritation or itching with improper application.

Rarely in some female patients increased hair growth on arms and face is noticed with 5%lotion, which will be automatically regressed with stoppage of minoxidil lotion.

No drug interactions.

These complaints can be avoided with proper application and doctor’s advice.

All the above mentioned medication should be taken under doctors supervision only

Laser Therapy: It is done by using light energy at the areas of hair fall. This will be helpful for those who are at early stage of hair loss. For more learning on Laser treatment visit Laser Hair regrowth

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)  PRP  it strengthens the thinning of hair and mild wellness hair regrowth can be seen for some time. To learn more click here PRP 

Surgical: A permanent hair loss solution, when hair fall is sever, right choice would be either FUT (follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (follicular Unit extraction). Undetectable and natural looking hairline can be achieved through the hair Transplantation Broad foreheads, Congenitally high hairlines a in women can be rectified with newly created hair lines through hair transplantation. These procedures should be carried under doctor’s guidance.

Wigs: If your not looking for any medical or surgical producers, the last option would be Wigs, Hair extension and weaves.

All of these treatments are effective should be taken under supervision of doctor. Schedule an appointment or consult us at Radiance Hair Transplant Center to regain natural hair, which is crafted by our specialist. Our entire team will guide about female pattern baldness,hair loss in women and hair restoration techniques that suits your new look.