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Causes of Hair Loss in teenagers

4 Major Causes Of Hair Loss In Teenagers With Its Treatment & Prevention

There can be many Causes of Hair Loss in teenagers all over the world as it is quite a common problem that every single one of us might have to face at one point or another in our life. But unfortunately, these days, a lot of young people in their teens and their twenties face this problem prematurely.

Here is a guide to what could possibly be the cause for your hair loss and whether or not you should consider a hair loss treatment for you.

1. Hormones

The first significant cause of hair fall among young women is the changes in their body, most prominently with regards to their hormones. This can be a very embarrassing problem as this is the time when your body is going through a lot of changes, until and unless the hormones in your body balance out (which could take a while), you might have to continue to face this problem. There is various hair loss treatment for women which help you overcome this with the help of professional medical care.

2. Medicine

Medication which is prescribed to you by your physician can often have adverse side effects in your body, which can sometimes cause a sudden hair fall. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor and ask them about the potential side effects any drugs can have on your body. A lot of people consider hair loss treatment for men in order to overcome such issues where the medication is the cause of the hair fall.

3. Styling

These days, we purchase readily available styling products. And, we never check the composition while we are buying them. And frequently, these commercially sold products contain a considerable amount of harmful chemicals, which cause all sorts of problems to your skin and hair. Due to the harsh nature of the substances present in the styling products, the hair gets permanently damaged, and therefore, the only option that people have is to opt for a Hair Transplant Treatment.

4. Hereditary Reasons

Apart from the reasons that we discussed above, there can also be other reasons that are hereditary in nature and which cannot be treated by improving your lifestyle. In such extreme cases, you are advised to consult with your family doctor or a general physician, if possible, a hair/scalp specialist to get your treatment done.

So how do you prevent unexpected hair fall in your teenage?

The best way to prevent any sort of health and hair fall problem is to take good care of your heath. As the old well-known saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” You should follow a strict well-balanced diet which should comprise all sorts of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Apart from following a healthy diet, you must also try to avoid all bad habits like smoking and eating junk food.

Most of the use of natural products that are free from chemicals like handmade soaps, etc. instead of chemically adulterated products that they find in the market to use. It is also an excellent option to keep your body pure and unadulterated from all the chemicals.

Consider applying oil to your hair to moisturize it whenever it feels dry and brittle. Always wash your hair regularly but not so frequently as to devoid it of its natural moisture, or else it will cause dryness and dandruff, which in turn cause even more hair fall.

Now that you know the most common possible Causes of Hair Loss in teenagers, you should be well-informed enough to make the right decisions.

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