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Body Hair Transplantation

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Body Hair Transplant is appropriate to a patient who carries a reasonable amount of thick body hairs. Hair restoration from the body is one best solution when there is less number of hairs on the donor area of scalp.

What is Body Hair Transplant?

The healthy hair from one’s own body is extracted and implanted in the scalp bald area to cover it completely in advanced grades of baldness.

For a person with grade-VII baldness and with average donor area some additional grafts are required to cover the total baldness. The number of grafts obtained varies with density. App.3000-5000 grafts can be extracted on an average for a person with good body hair.

By the experimental studies, the hair from the beard, chest wall, legs and arms are extracted and implanted on the bald area was shown re growth but the quality, texture and cyclic fall of the hair different from that of the scalp hair. FUE is the only technique for extraction of body hair transplantation.

How is Body Transplantation Procedure done?

 The body hair extraction is done by FUE technique exclusively. We use motarised punches for extraction of the grafts. The Size of the punch varies with the quality and type of graft.

Generally, body hair grafts contain single hair or two hairs as unit. So, we use 0.7-0.8 size punches for extraction. After healing they leave tiny pinhead scar which are negligible without any altered pigmentation.


This is done under local anesthesia in which patient is completely awake. Duration of the procedure depends on number of grafts. The implantation is done with stitch and place technique so that it can be done more aesthetically and gives pleasing look. It heals with no scar in 3-4 days. These extracted grafts are kept in a suitable preservative solution till the implantation. This preservation of cold chain is very important to prevent the graft damage.

Quality of Body Hair:

 The texture of beard hair is generally more coarse ,brisk and curly compared to scalp hair. The growth is faster compared to scalp hair this hair stands prominently and gives good thick look cosmetically. So, to build the thickness in the central areas (vertex) and crown areas this hair is ideal to implant.

Coming to chest wall hair it is thin, silky, curly and grows shorter length compared to beard and scalp. So, it can be added to increase the scalp coverage just below the hairlines and in the central part of the scalp. Lifecycle is also shorter compared to the scalp hair.

In case of arms and legs hair the availability is generally low because of sparse density the quality of hair is also very thin and grows much short length. Lifecycle is also very short.

Experimentally it is proved that compared to arms and legs hair beard and chest wall hair is most suitable addition to scalp hair.



Availability of number of grafts depends on density of the body hair in beard and chest wall. The more thicker the more can be extracted. Approximately the density of 30-40 grafts per sq.cm can be considered as a good density in case of chest wall.

  • Quality of hair must be good.(The hair in the growth phase are most suitable)
  • The types of grafts are mostly singles and some doubles are also available.
  • More number of sessions may be required as extraction takes longer time due to different directions of hair growth and located at different depths in the skin.
  • Sometimes the donor hair quality is very weak and this mismatches with the body hair texture.
  • These are not suitable for frontal hairlines and hair parting zones.

If you’ve any Questions about  procedure before Hair Transplant visit  Pre – operative Questions


  • Definitely gives good coverage for advanced grades of baldness.
  • Cosmetically gives thick look with beard hair compared to scalp donor hair.
  • Patient’s desires can be reached.

You can calculate the no. of graft need for your scalp with Graft Calculator a unique tool from Radiance. This tool is free and will answer your questions about the grafts.

Have a question about Hair transplantation schedule an appointment with us.

Postoperative Care for Body Hair Transplantation

  • No hospital admission or bed rest
  • Gentle shampooing must be done for 3-4 weeks
  • Avoid direct sunlight, rainwater and dust exposure for 1 month
  • Avoid exercise like GYM for 1 month
  • The donor area [beard or chest wall] is cleaned and antiseptic ointment is applied daily for 7 days over the extracted area.
  • Generally the punch extraction sites heals in 72 hrs without any scarring and altered pigmentation

Cost : Cost of the Body  hair transplant surgery is determined by the number of grafts needed ; which differs from person to person depending upon the grade of baldness.

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