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causes of hair loss

Top Reasons for Hair Loss and How you can Preserve it ?

Has hair loss become an enduring part of your life? Are you panicking whenever you vacuum your rug or giving it a quick brush in the morning? Do not worry. You are not alone!

On an average, a human loses almost 80 strands and it is completely normal. At some point in feel, we feel that we are losing too much hair. The most common reason for causes of hair loss could be of hereditary or this mechanical lifestyle compulsion. So, what could be the cause for your unexpected hair loss?

Take a look :

STRESS: Do I have to STRESS about it? It is not a myth that excess physical and mental stress can literally compel your hair fall out. It can also set off many scalp problems such as dandruff, interrupt eating habits, and mess up with your digestive system.
Any kind of physical trauma, several illnesses, influenza or accidents can cause a temporary hair fall. And emotional or mental stress is less like a physical stress but this could also contribute to hair fall in both men and women. Few instances could be a breakup, divorce, or any work-related issues. But, mental stress does not actually precipitate the thing but ignites the problem.


What can you do: Reduce or automate the things which are causing stress. I would say that nothing relieves stress more than a physical activity. Go for a brisk walk, exercise more, do yoga or any activity you like that reduces stress levels and curb the hair fall.

ANEMIA: One in 10 women from 20-50 age suffers from anemia. Specifically, the iron deficiency which is the most common reason for hair loss in women. Iron is paramount in producing and nurturing your hair cell protein and your strands get affected in case of its absence. A doctor has to conclude through a blood test whether there is any deficiency in your red blood cells or not.

What can you do: A proper iron supplement diet is the best solution to this problem.

VITAMIN B DEFICIENCY: Low levels of vitamin B can make you feel fed up and always on a lesser side of the energy scale. Its deficiency causes hair loss and it can impact the well-being of your red blood cells which transport oxygen to your tissues.

What can you do: It often occurs in vegans since vitamin B mostly consists of animal proteins. Just like anemia, proper supplementation of food would be sufficient. Few suggestions could be starchy vegetables, meat, fish, and non-citrus fruits.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Hormones love to play with us more than we think. Hormonal changes in our body can increase the responsiveness of hair follicles, weakens the roots, and ultimately result in the excess hair fall.

A hormonal disparity can escort you to several changes in body and mind including your hair.

WEIGHT LOSS: Well, losing weight might feel good because you look good. But a steep drop on the scale could make an impact on your health and health of hair. While craving for the perfect body, it is clear that many people are desisting themselves from the food. But not eating right would absolutely end up in mineral and vitamin deficiencies. And, any nutrition deficiency first shows up in your hair.

What can you do: A dramatic weight loss is more like a blow to your system and it needs at least six months of time to get back to normal again. So, maintain a healthy diet with sufficient elements.

A single product or a single method cannot control your hair loss alone. Your selection of food and the health of your scalp plays a major role. If you feel that you have lost so many strands, then you can opt for a salubrious hair transplant treatment that promises natural results without any side effects.

Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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