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Best Hair Loss Treatments for Men and Women

Hair loss problem in this 21st century became one of the most common health issues that generally affects the confidence and general well- being. While many would consider their hair loss is due to genetics, many people that suffer from alopecia, or other conditions of baldness, simply don’t know what to do other than shaving their heads, wearing bigger hats or just resent their ancestors. Fortunately, there are many solutions for hair growth as there are many types of treatments to reduce, reverse or regenerate our hair loss.


Hair loss treatment is something that is part of a general collection of many treatments, which is designed to manage hair loss that occurs due to androgenic alopecia. This is a medical condition that is transmitted genetically and is a collection of genes causing male pattern baldness. Ninety- five percent of the reported cases of baldness in men are caused by male pattern baldness which is inherited from either mother or father. This same condition also explains the need of hair restoration for women.


Main reasons for the cause of Hair Loss:


Scalp infection:


Fungal infection in hair root may cause hair loss by weakening the hair follicle. An another type of infection caused by ring worm also causes temporary hair loss by spreading over scalps leaving white patches.


Hormonal Changes:


It is the most common cause which is noticed in both men and women. The imbalance in hormonal secretions in blood stream may cause heavy hair loss temporarily. And in this context, Thyroxin or thyroid gland plays a key role. However, reports say- while high percentage of thyroxin causes hair thinning all over the scalp, at the same time less percentage causes hair loss not only over scalps but anywhere on the body.


Poor Diet:


Insufficient diet and diet devoid of essential fatty acids, proteins and nutrition can lead to significant hair loss problems. It is best to maintain a healthy diet either for men or women for healthy hair.




Your hairstyle may cause you hair loss. Pulling your hair tightly with harmful oils, colors, dryers, blowers can cause permanent hair loss.


Prevention’s and treatment for Hair Loss:


Prevention is the best option before curing any disease. The prevention’s and treatments may not cure your hair loss problems but help to slow down your hair loss. The following are some of the prevention’s you would take for hair loss.Maintain a balanced diet.


  1. Make use of combs that contain wider bristles
  2. Avoid electronic treatments and hairstyles
  3. Switch to medications to avoid side effects
  4. Avoid pulling and twisting your hair tightly 





Minoxidil is a popular drug used for hair loss treatment for men and hair loss treatment for women in order to reduce hair loss. It stimulates the hair follicles to rapidly produce new tissues or cells. This rapid multiplication of hair follicles results in better hair growth and helps to improve the density of hair.



It’s never too early to start hair loss therapy. Provillus therapy is as good for ladies as it’s for men, providing quick and good results for many kinds of hair loss. As an oral health supplement, it functions quickly to stem hair loss and to spur new growth.



Finasteride is a popular medicine for hair loss. It interferes with conversion of testosterone to DHT, which happens in many tissues of the body including the scalp. The effect of DHT on the scalp is to shrink the hair follicles- a progressive effect which takes many years. The follicles become less and less active, producing finer and weaker hairs until, eventually, they shed their last hairs and cease to function at all. Cutting DHT production will halt or delay this process, and restore hair growth.

Hair transplant surgeries:


Hair transplant surgery – the permanent solution to your receding hairline. Hair follicles that are not genetically susceptible to balding are taken and surgically replanted into a balding area. The transplanted hair is not genetically programmed to be lost. So most of this transplanted hair will continue to grow for a lifetime, giving you a fuller head of hair and a more youthful look.

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Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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