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Tips for Healthy hair

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1. Avoid usage of excessive hair chemicals like dyes frequently.
2. Avoid permanent straightening and curling treatments.
3. Avoid fast foods as coloring agents cause damage to the health.
4. Avoid excessive exposure to SUN, WIND, and HEAT like hot dryers and hot showers .also prolonged sun light to bald scalp.
5. Avoid excessive smoking.
6. Avoid combing wet hair it will cause breakage of hair.
7. Avoid using hair styling products directly onto the scalp.
8. Avoid excessive stress.
9. Avoid wearing tight fitting caps for prolonged period.
10. Avoid tight braids and ponytails.
11. Avoid frequent coloring of hair, minimum gap of 6-8 wks is required.


1. Maintain healthy life style.
2. Do massage of hair with fingertips only gently with warm coconut oil twice a week.
3. For oily hair do the hairs wash every alternate day. For dry hair 2-3 times a week is enough.
4. Be gentle in shampooing and conditioning the hair avoid excessive pressure on wet hair.
5. Always soak your hair with fresh water before entering the swimming pool, so that chlorinated water doesn’t damage it.
6. Get good sleep.
7. Do trimming of split ends.


1. Good protein diet is required as hair is a protein.
2. Almonds 5/day soaked in milk or water over night.
3. Soya milk
4. Eggs
5. Non veg—liver, fish, chicken breast piece [skin less] , meat 2/3 times a wk is good.
6. Greens—Palak, Menthe, Green peas, Spinach etc…
7. Potatoes, Cabbage, yogurt, daal, Rajma, chana.

For women in particular-Rule out some health conditions.

1. Thyroid disease.
2. Pcod
3. Malnutrition.
4. Iron deficiency.
5. OC pills
6. Cancer treatments
7. Surgery
8. Child birth.
9. Voluntary hair pulling. [Trichotillomania.]