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hair loss in men

Why Men Are Balding In 20s? – Causes For Early Hair loss In Men

No, you are not alone. Gone are the days when balding in men was a manifestation of middle age. It begins as just a few filaments, then it becomes thinner, later you could notice bald spots and eventually, the pate completely resembles a barren wasteland. Hair loss in men has turned out as nothing less than a nightmare. According to a research, it has been known that Chinese people in their 20s are losing their hair sooner than any other generation hitherto. Thinner hair and receding hairlines have become as a constant complaint from many youngsters. Even though it is normal to shed some tens of hair strands every day, the question is, why is it happening? Here we are bringing you the possible reasons why millennials are losing the hair earlier and what can be done to prevent it.

Causes For Early Hair loss In Men:


Scientists have speculated that cigarette smoke could accelerate premature graying and hair loss ultimately. This is highly attributed to the toxins in smoke that harm hair follicles, damage hormones, therefore its ability to maintain luscious hair. As known, smoking restricts the blood flow to the scalp, the hair would get fewer nutrients than it needs. Hence, stub out your cigarette if you want to preserve your crop.


STRESS – Your Spoilsport:

Okay, okay. We get it that you are pulling your hair out because of STRESS. And the stress could be both physical and emotional. The hair literally has a shedding cycle. The pressure on young people today in the automated world to win in the rat race has a serious effect on long-term stress levels which ordinarily cause premature hair loss. However, the high spot is the hair can be returned to its normal when you are less stressed out. Better late than never, take the required steps to reduce your stress levels.


Iron Deficiency:

Anemia induced by iron deficiency is not an abnormal issue in India. It is a condition that occurs when a person does not have the required amount of iron in their body. People with an iron deficiency are likely to have a pale skin, fatigue, fast heartbeat, chest pain, sore tongue etcetera. People suffering from iron deficiency might need to go through special hair fall treatment than regular ones. Hair is the first thing to suffer when your body rations iron to where it is most needed. So, ensure that you are eating a plenty of iron-rich foods like leafy vegetables, pulses, meat etcetera.


Selection of food:

Bad diet cannot be technically defined as “the cause for balding in men.” Feeding on a well-balanced and healthy diet is essential for your body to function smoothly and your hair is no exception. Lack of required nutrients such as certain vitamins, nutrients, keratin, minerals could account for your baldness. Balanced food ensures to provide a proper supply of nutrients to your hair follicles. Additionally, the evolving popularity of vegetarianism is also a contribution to hair loss among millennials.


Weight loss:

With the growing consciousness about physique and looks turning out to be the biggest resolution for every youngster now, a correct proportion of exercises can be a game changer. The inadequacy of certain dietary supplements in the human body makes your hair follicles thirsty which eventually makes them fall down.



As discussed earlier, just like your body, hair also need to be maintained well. Bleaching, dying, straightening often could result in a disaster. It is a myth that using hair care products could result in hair loss while conditioner cause hair fall. But conditioner helps in detangling hair thus leading to the prevention of hair fall due to breakage. As the excessive use of anything isn’t suggestable, over usage may weigh the hair down.

India has evolved as a medical hub for the whole of Asia. There is a plethora of hair loss treatment for men programs across the country with rigorously trained dermato-trichologists. Needless to say that a healthy lifestyle and diet could do miracles, however, it is significant to get an absolute assessment of your hair loss to make a choice in terms of particular treatment that functions well in the longer run.

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Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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