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Why is India a New Hub for Hair Transplant ?

Once upon a time, hair transplant treatment in India was considered as kind of mysterious and people look at it with lots of skepticism. There are many uncertainties around the transplants such as does it give 100 percent success or does it come with any serious health consequences. But a lessening hairline gives you sleepless nights. Isn’t it? And no one craves for premature baldness. So, the ultimate solution is to get the falling hair treated. With the developments in the technology and exposure of media in how celebrities have transformed themselves, the fascination did not leave India being untouched.

As a matter of fact, it has turned out to be the latest craze. The common people like you and I have started considering it as just another treatment to make ourselves better. With growing celebrity influence and self-conscious, not only people who lost their hair at premature but the one who wants to add highlight their hairlines in the name of attractiveness. Thus, the hair transplant treatment has gained huge popularity in our country. The higher awareness levels and societal pressure of being under ‘beautiful’ category have helped in raising the bars of India to become one of the potential drivers in the hair transplant market.

However, the thing is, many assume that the amount to transplant their hair or transform is beyond their budget. However, the cost of a hair transplant in India is comparatively less. That’s the reason the country is becoming a considerable option for hair transplant surgeries and Tier-1 cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai could be some of the vital options.

So now, let us look at

why people are going

for hair transplantation in a country like India and later we shall discuss why anyone must choose India for this treatment?

  • With a tinge of Hollywood touch and social media usage, everyone likes to be



  • Although the cost is subjective to the location, in general, the price ranges from 30,000 to 1,00,00 rupees depending on the center and number of grafts needed. And let me remind you that the cost is usually inclusive of medications, initial consultation, and postoperation care.


  • According to the survey, it has been found out that the major portion of consumers of hair transplant is of the age group 25-30. With a tinge of Hollywood touch and social media exposure, everyone likes to shine in the group. Regardless of age and gender, all are getting aware of their appearance. And with a hair transplant, they can get that long-lost full head of hair.


  • Not a thing to be proud of, but, baldness is considered as a curse in India with a population of 1.35 billion people. In a majority of the cases, marriages happen on the basis of their appearance; whether the person has decent hair on his/her scalp or not etcetera. It is one of the important traits of personality. And this led to the increasing number of hair transplant doctors in India. People across the globe come here to get the best transplant at an affordable cost since ‘life is too short to have boring hair.’ Or no hair at all.


  • Another vital for choosing this medicament is because of the magnificent success rate. Generally, in any medical treatment, no one can assure you 100 percent success. However, in case of a hair transplant treatment, it is very minimum. I can conclude that with a proper clinic with a decent doctor and an appropriate surgical option, you can hope for 100 percent prosperity without any second thought.


Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off. Good luck!

Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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