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which is better FUE or FUT

Comparison between FUT vs FUE which method is best ?

FUE and FUT both are good, each technique has its own limitations  and  advantages.

Advantages of FUT – With this technique more no.of grafts extraction and implantation can be done in less time with least transactions and good survival.  In FUT technique grafts have good  connective tissue surrounding them which protect them from dehydration and drying. Compared to transaction dehydration and drying are more detrimental to graft survival.

With FUT technique everybody concerns more about a scar. In FUT technique we get a thin linear semi-circular scar in the donor area.We do Trichophytic closure at the donor area suture line by which hair grows through the scar and minimizes the visibility of the scar.

 In FUE also we get thin circular scars throughout donor area diffusely. These  scars  may be due to scar tissue formed at the punch site or due to the depigmentation of the punch site. when we trim the area we found diffusely thin donor area with tiny scaring.Pigmentation is very rare phenomenon.

Somebody may tell they get about 3000-4000 grafts with FUE technique in a single session but practically it is not possible if we do within safe donor limits. Also, aggressive extraction may lead to the moth-eaten appearance of donor area which is more disastrous to donor area. The Grafts with FUE  technique are more skinny and more easily prone for drying and  dehydration with less graft survival.

This FUE technique requires very good expertise and skill on part of surgeon, otherwise land in poor outcome of transplanted grafts.

Advantages between FUE & FUT:

  • Limited graft extraction in safe donor area region is always ideal for FUE technique.
  • For body hair extraction like beard and chest wall only  FUE technique is employed other than scalp FUE.
  • For advanced grader of baldness, we need more no.of grafts and more no.of sessions with minimal wastage. so number of sessions and choosing the type of technique is individualised.
  • With FUT technique after 2nd session also we can get only one scar as we can extract the 1st scar during the 2nd We will do trichophytic closure so that hair can grow through the scar.
  • As FUT is a team work it needs an excellent team of assistants who can Sliver and Dissect the strips  into  (URFUG) Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting. It is a open technique so that with excellent skill and  experience we can limit the graft  wastage and increase the survival rates.
  • With FUT technique in a single session we can able to get even upto 4000 grafts depending on donor area density and laxity.This session we can finished in time limit of 5-6 hrs which is safe for graft survival.
  • FUE is even skillful technique. As it is a blind technique the surgeon must be competent enough to do it successfully.
  • Now a days we are combining both the techniques {FUT &FUE} in a single session and able to implant upto 5500- 6000 grafts also successfully.

Dr. Krishna Priya is a diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery with comprehensive analysis and phenomenal skills. She mastered the hair transplant treatment of FUT and FUE techniques and making many people's dream come true for 10 years. Krishna is humble, sweet, and adept.

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